Two days in Oporto


After a long long morning trip and a stop in Lisboa we finally arrived in Oporto, the public transport from the Oporto airport to the center was very easy and fast, except for a problem at the tickets machine: infact this one was only in portuguese and not so plain but we were not afraid about the language and we bought 2 tickets: then we realize that we bought 2 tickets but on the same card so this was not ok for 2 people but just for one, so we payed for an other one and we started our adventure. History teaches us: it’s always the best to buy tickets separately. The trip from the airport to the city center was about 20 minutes aboard a modern tram and it was around 2 euro.


From the tram stop we immediately went to our pension: when we arrived we were frightened, of course photos are not like the reality and it was our first time with a shared shower. Nevertheless, the low prices (60 euro for 2 nights and two people), the central position and the nice view from our room compensate all.

It is okay for 2/3 days and for people who are loooking for a central and cheap place to stay in.

basic council: ask for a room on the same floor of the reception and not on the attic because the first ones are more spacious.



We basically walked all around the city, postponing the old tram trip to our days in Lisboa. This is what we see in one day and half:

Mosteiro e miradouro  Sao Bento da Vitoria

they said that the courtyard is private but I think that the right adjective is abandoned, evertyheless the view is amazing, you can see a counteless roots with red teli and a unique view of the D. Luis I bridge.img_20160915_140853


Igreja de Sao Nicolau

A typical igreja covered with blu azulejos.

Estaçao ferroviaria de Sao Bento

It’s a strange station, from the outside it looks normal but in the inside you can find a lot of azulejos and modern artworks made with recycled plastic , in particular a representation of a turtle.

Igreja de nossa senhora da vitoria

Igreja da misericordia e igreja paroquial da vitoria

They are closer to the miradouro and the moisteiro of sao Bento da Vitoria.

Igreja de santissima trinidade

Just next to station.

Portuguese centre of photography

It was a surprise, we had time so we entered and we have been able to admire a beautiful exhibition of Leonard Kossoy called “only you”.

Torre dos clerigos e igreja de sao Pedro dos clerigos

The igreja is free but for the tower you have to pay a small price. I suffered from vetrino so you should trust me when I say that it is a magic: because of the view of the city from the tower and because of the view of the interiors of the church from the top and from extraordinary angles. This one is a must visit.dsc_6795.jpgdsc_6852dsc_6894

Ponte D. Luis I

You can’t not see it: it is the most important in the city, it is suitable to the passage of pedestrains, trains and cars, it is build on 2 floors, both pedestrians. Its design was a Gustave Eiffel’s idea but it was realized by one of his students, instead the bridge for Luis I’s wife was designed and realized by Eiffel, but unluckily today is no longer used.dsc_6964

Rio Douro

It seems immense.

Palacio da bolsa

The accompanied visit is mandatory and often it is full. It is a good idea to reserve your visit in the morning and come back in the evening: the available languages are French, Spanish, English and Portuguese. You can have a student ticket just if you are a student group so it’s impossible to have it. The ticket is around 8 euro but it’s worth because guides are very good and the visit to Gustave Eiffel’s gabinetto and arabic room reflects the portuguese traders’  glitz.

Sè de Porto

it is so imposing and beautiful, unfortunately because of its opening hours we didn’t visit the cloister.

Praça de la ribeira

charming by night.

Igreja de sao Francesco

A must visit: the manueline style enchants all.dsc_6913

Livraria Lello&Irmao

Maybe my expectations are to high: the place is nice but there are too people, especially heinous chinese who want to take a photo every 2 steps.


Avenida dos aliados

You have to see it, it is next to the station!

Igreja do carmo

Capela das almas


Mercado Bolhao


Soares dos reis national museum

It is a beautiful museum, it is strange for me but my favourite  pavilion is the modern one, a temporale exhibition of portuguese last year paintings. The inter courtyard looks amazing but we didm’t visit it because it was training but you have to do it for us!


the street foods is a must, we eat salt cod croquettes and sandwiches with cutlet around the city. We also went here:

Francesinha do Baixo

A glass of Porto,  half litre of beer, a bottle of sparkling water (terrible in Portugal), a spicy francesinha, a pepper teak at 30 euro. The restaurant is so nice but they conveyed 2 football matches so if you want your partner attention put it with his back to the screen!

Petiscaria Santo Antonio

we had a lunch here, we ordered some tapas likes lupini and olive, carotts, eggs with sausage, codfish, fried jeans and spicci bifanas and we payed 17 euro! The restaurant is intime; if you are looking for a place closer to torre dos clerigos choose it! Remember to go sono because unfortunately the portions end very soon.

Mar Norte

We also had a chinese dinner because we didn’t want to eat more proteins so we ordered two riced, a big spring roll (it is strange, it was just one and so big), two soups. This restaurant is near to the Douro and its name is Mar Norte. Soups were excellent, rise was normal and the spring roll not so good. 



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